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OpenSUSE Desktop Essentials

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#* [[Configuring openSUSE Workspaces|Adding the Workspace Switcher to an openSUSE Desktop Panel]]
#* [[Configuring openSUSE Workspaces|Changing the Number of openSUSE Desktop Workspaces]]<br><br>
# [[Configuring the openSUSE Desktop Menu System]]
#* [[Configuring the openSUSE Desktop Menu System|Customizing a openSUSE Desktop Menu]]
#* [[Configuring the openSUSE Desktop Menu System|Moving Menu Items]]
#* [[Configuring the openSUSE Desktop Menu System|Adding and Deleting a Menu Item]]<br><br>
# [[openSUSE Desktop Visual Effects]]
#* [[openSUSE Desktop Visual Effects|Introducing Compiz Fusion]]
#* [[openSUSE Desktop Visual Effects|Changing the Default Visual Effects Settings]]
#* [[openSUSE Desktop Visual Effects|Advanced Desktop Effects Settings]]<br><br>
# [[Enhance your openSUSE Desktop with gDesklets]]
#* [[Enhance your openSUSE Desktop with gDesklets|Installing gDesklets]]

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