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A Guided Tour of the RHEL 5 GNOME Desktop

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The Desktop Panels
The right hand side of the panel includes the current time and a volume control. Also present on laptop based installations is an icon indicating current power status. A variety of other status icons will appear in this section from time to time. Typically hovering over or clicking on the status icon will display a brief description of the icon’s purpose. As you perform more administrative tasks on the system you will see a yellow badge appear. This indicates that root (administrative) privileges have been assigned to the desktop session allowing tasks to be performed without repeatedly entering the root password. To de-authorize these elevated privileges simply click on the badge icon and click on the Forget Authorization button in the resulting dialog.
The bottom desktop panel contains three items by default but may similarly be configured as described in [[Configuring the RHEL 5 GNOME Desktop Panels]]. By default the panel appears as follows:

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