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<td valign="top">[[File:firebase_essentials_android.png|Click to Read Firebase Essentials - Android Edition|link=Firebase Essentials - Android Edition]]<td>[[Firebase Essentials – Android Edition|Firebase Essentials - Android Edition]] provides everything you need to successfully integrate Firebase cloud features into your Android apps. This book covers the key features of Android app development using Firebase including integration with Android Studio, User Authentication (including email, Twitter, Facebook and phone number sign-in), Realtime Database, Cloud Storage, Firebase Cloud Messaging (both upstream and downstream), Dynamic Links, Invites, App Indexing, Test Lab, Remote Configuration, Cloud Functions, Analytics and Performance Monitoring. The book is organized into chapter groups that focus on specific Firebase features, with each topic area consisting of a detailed overview followed by tutorial style examples that put theory into practice.<br><br>[[Firebase Essentials - Android Edition|Read this book>>]]</td>

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