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PHP, Filesystems and File I/O

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Checking whether a File Exists
It is also possible to read the contents of an enter file with the ''readfile'' function. This function reads the entire contents of a file and outputs that content. Assumign you don't need to do anything but output the contents of a file then 'readfile'' is an easy solution because it does all the work for you. You do not need to open the file, read the data, close the file and display the data. All you need to do is call ''readfile'' and it does the rest.
== Checking whether Whether a File Exists ==
The ''file_exists'' fuinction can be used at any time to find if a file already exists in the file system. The function takes a single argument - the path to the file in question and returns a boolean ''true'' or ''false'' value depending on whether the existance of the file.

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