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RHEL 6 Desktop - Starting Applications on Login

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Configuring Desktop Startup Programs
The programs that get started when a user logs in are configured via the Startup Applications Preferences dialog. This dialog is accessed from the ''System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications'' menu. When first loaded, the dialog displays the Startup Applications Preferences panel which lists the programs that are to be started when a user logs into a desktop session:
[[Image:rhel6_startup_application.jpg|RHEL 6 desktop startup applications]]
Any programs that are not required may be disabled on desktop startup simply by unchecking the selection box next to the item. Most of the programs configured to start by default are there for a reason and use few system resources, so unless you are sure you will not need the program (for example you may never plan to use Bluetooth) there is really little to be gained by disabling a program.
It is more likely, however, that you will need to add a program to be launched automatically when you login. This can easily be achieved by clicking on the Add button. In the resulting New Startup Program dialog enter a descriptive name for the program and then click on the Browse button to locate the actual program executable file on the file system. Once you have filled in the dialog press the OK button to apply the program to the list.
== Saving the Current Session ==

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