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An Overview of iOS 4 iPhone Multitouch, Taps and Gestures

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Touch Notification Methods
== Touch Notification Methods ==
Touch screen events cause one of four methods on the first responder object to be called. The method that gets called for a specific event will depend on the nature of the interaction. In order to handle events, therefore, it is important to ensure that the appropriate methods from those outlined below are implemented within your responder chain. These methods will be used in the worked example contained in the [[An Example iOS 4 iPhone Touch, Multitouch and Tap Application]] and [[Detecting iOS 4 iPhone Touch Screen Gesture Motions]] chapters of this book:
=== touchesCancelled method ===
When a gesture is interrupted due to a high level interrupt, such as the phone detecting an incoming call, the touchesCancelled method is called.
== Summary ==

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