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An Overview of iOS 4 iPhone Multitouch, Taps and Gestures

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In order to fully appreciate the mechanisms for handling touch screen events within an iOS 4 iPhone application, it is first important to understand both the responder chain and the methods that are called on a responder depending on the type of interaction. We have covered these basics in this chapter. In the next chapter, entitled iOS 4 Phone Multitouch, Tap and Gesture Event Handling Tutorial we will use these concepts to create an example application that demonstrates touch screen event handling. 
== Gestures ==
Gesture is an umbrella term used to encapsulate any single interaction between the touch screen and the user between, starting at the point that the screen is touched (by one or more fingers) and the time that the last finger leaves the surface of the screen. Swipes, pinches, stretches and flicks are all forms of gesture.
== Taps ==

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