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Creating an RHEL 5 KVM Networked Bridge Interface

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<td width="20%">[[Installing KVM Virtualization on RHEL 5|Previous]]<td align="center">[[RHEL 5 Essentials|Table of Contents]]<td width="20%" align="right">[[Creating an RHEL 5 KVM Virtual Machine|Next]]</td>
<td width="20%">Installing KVM Virtualization on RHEL 5<td align="center"><td width="20%" align="right">Creating an RHEL 5 KVM Virtual Machine</td>
By default, the KVM virtualization environment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 only creates a virtual network to which virtual machines may connect. The goal of this chapter is to cover the steps involved in creating a network bridge on RHEL 5 enabling guest systems to share one or more of the host system’s physical network connections.

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