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Ruby Essentials is a free on-line book designed to provide a concise and easy to follow guide to learning Ruby.

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About Ruby Essentials

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© 2012 Neil Smyth / Payload Media. This eBook is provided for personal use only. Unauthorized use, reproduction and/or distribution strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

  1. About Ruby Essentials

  2. What is Ruby?
  3. Getting and Installing Ruby
  4. Simple Ruby Examples
  5. Commenting Ruby Code
  6. Understanding Ruby Variables
  7. Ruby Variable Scope
  8. Ruby Number Classes and Conversions
  9. Ruby Methods
  10. Ruby Ranges
  11. Understanding Ruby Arrays
  12. Advanced Ruby Arrays
  13. Ruby Operators
  14. Ruby Operator Precedence
  15. Ruby Math Functions and Methods
  16. Understanding Ruby Logical Operators

  17. Ruby Object Oriented Programming
  18. Ruby Flow Control
  19. The Ruby case Statement
  20. Ruby While and Until Loops
  21. Looping with for and the Ruby Looping Methods
  22. Ruby Strings - Creation and Basics
  23. Ruby String Concatenation and Comparison
  24. Ruby String Replacement, Substitution and Insertion
  25. Ruby String Conversions
  26. Ruby Directory Handling
  27. Working with Files in Ruby
  28. Working with Dates and Times in Ruby
  29. Useful Ruby Links and Resources

Purchase and download the full PDF and ePub editions of this Ruby eBook for only $8.99

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About Ruby Essentials
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