iOS 11 App Development Essentials

iOS 11 App Development Essentials Book

iOS 11 SDK, Xcode 9 and Swift 4.

There's a book for that!

Learn everything you need to know to develop iOS 11 apps using Xcode 9 and Swift 4. Available in both print and eBook formats, this book includes more than 100 chapters of in-depth information including detailed tutorials and downloadable sample code. Buy this book today!

Xcode 9, Swift 4 programming, adaptive user interface design, cloud integration, animation, databases, Sprite Kit games development, drag and drop, SiriKit integration, Speech recognition and much more... it's all here!

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What You'll Learn

Program in Swift 4

Get up to speed with the Swift 4 programming language.

Learn Xcode 9

Learn how to create and build iOS app projects using the latest version of Xcode.

Adaptive User Interfaces

Use Interface Builder to design user interfaces that adapt to different screen sizes.

iOS 11 Architecture

Understand the iOS SDK and operating system architecture.

Cloud Integration

Integrate iCloud and CloudKit into your iOS apps.

Siri Integration

Integrate Siri voice control into your apps using the SiriKit Framework.

Build 2D Games

Learn how to design and build iOS games using Sprite Kit.

iMessage Apps

Build interactive iMessage apps and to sell in the Message App Store.

Drag and Drop

Understand how to add drag and drop support to your appss.

Document Browser

Add document browsing using the new Document Browser.

Search Integration

Integrate search into apps using the UI Search Controller..

Much, Much More...

Maps, in-app billing, touch handling, database integration and more. Over 100 chapters, more than 800 pages and over 60 examples apps (including source code).



Includes PDF, ePub and Kindle versions of the book.




For those who prefer to hold a physical book.