OpenSUSE Desktop Essentials

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The objective of the book is to provide the reader with the necessary information to use, customize and configure the openSUSE implementation of the GNOME desktop.

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About openSUSE Desktop Essentials

  1. About openSUSE Desktop Essentials

  2. Logging into the openSUSE GNOME Desktop
  3. A Guided Tour of the openSUSE GNOME Desktop
  4. Changing the openSUSE GNOME Desktop Background
  5. Installing and Customizing openSUSE Desktop Themes
  6. Configuring openSUSE Desktop Fonts
  7. Configuring the openSUSE Desktop Panels
  8. Configuring openSUSE Workspaces
  9. Configuring the openSUSE Desktop Menu System
  10. openSUSE Desktop Visual Effects
  11. Enhance your openSUSE Desktop with gDesklets
  12. Browsing My Computer, Files and Folders on the openSUSE Desktop
  13. Configuring the openSUSE File Manager
  14. openSUSE Desktop - Starting Applications on Login
  15. openSUSE Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

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About openSUSE Desktop Essentials