Android Studio Development Essentials - Android 7 Edition

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Table of Contents

  1. A Guide to the Android ConstraintLayout
  2. A Guide to using ConstraintLayout in Android Studio
  3. Working with ConstraintLayout Chains and Ratios in Android Studio
  4. Managing Constraints using ConstraintSet
  5. An Android ConstraintSet Tutorial
  6. An Android Studio Designer ConstraintLayout Tutorial
  7. An Android 7 Notifications Tutorial
  8. Basic Android Animation using ConstraintSet and beginDelayedTransition
  9. An Android 7 Direct Reply Notification Tutorial
  10. Integrating Firebase Support into an Android Studio Project
  11. An Android 7 Firebase Remote Notification Tutorial
  12. An Introduction to Android 7 Multi-Window Support
  13. An Android Studio Multi-Window Split-Screen and Freeform Tutorial