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C Sharp Variables and Constants

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What is a C# Variable?
== What is a C# Variable? ==
Variables are essentially locations in computer memory that is are reserved for storing the data used by an application. Each variable is assigned given a name by the programmer and assigned a value. The name assigned to the variable may then be used in the C# code to access the value assigned to the variable. This access can involve either reading the value the variable, or changing the value. It is, of course, the ability to change the value of a variable that variables which gives them the name ''variable''.
A variable must be declared as a particular ''type'' such as an integer, a character or a string. C# is what is known as a ''strongly typed'' language in that once a variable has been declared as a particular type it cannot subsequently be changed to a different type. While this may come as a shock to those familiar with ''loosely typed'' languages such as Ruby it will be familiar to Java, C and C++ programmers. Whilst it is not possible to change the type of a variable it is possible to disguise the variable as another type under certain circumstances. This involves a concept known as ''casting'' and will be covered later in this chapter.

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