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Ubuntu Linux eBooks

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Ubuntu eBook Publications
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<td valign="top">[[File:ubuntu_2004_essentials.png|Click to Read Ubuntu 20.04 Essentials|link=]]<td>[ Ubuntu 20.04 Essentials] provides in-depth information on the installation, use and administration of Ubuntu 20.04.
<br><br>[ Read this book>>]</td>
<td valign="top">[[File:ubuntu_11_essentials2.png|Click to read Ubuntu 11.04 Essentials|link=Ubuntu 11.04 Essentials]]<td>The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the essential knowledge required to use and maintain an Ubuntu 11.04 system. Designed both as a learning tool and a reference guide, it is intended that Ubuntu 11.04 Essentials provide the reader with a sound basis of knowledge for installing, using and maintaining an Ubuntu 11.04 system. <br><br>[[Ubuntu 11.04 Essentials|Read this book>>]]</td>

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