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In the early days of mobile applications for operating systems such as Android and iOS, the most common method for earning revenue was to charge an upfront fee to download and install the application. Another revenue opportunity was soon introduced in the form of embedding advertising within applications. Perhaps the most common and lucrative option is now to charge the user for purchasing items from within the application after it has been installed. This typically takes the form of access to a higher level in a game, acquiring virtual goods or currency, or subscribing to the digital edition of a magazine or newspaper.
In the event that the onActivityResult method was called in response to an in-app billing purchase, a call will then be made to the listener method referenced in the call to the launchPurchaseFlow method (in this case a method named mPurchaseFinishedListener). The next task, therefore, is to implement this method.
== Implementing the Purchase Finished Listener ==
This chapter worked through the steps involved in preparing for and implementing Google Play in-app billing within an Android application.

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