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Installing and Configuring RHEL 5 Xen Virtualization

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If your system does not include this support you can still use Xen in para-virtualization mode. You will not, however, be able to run Microsoft Windows as a guest operating system. Keep in mind that whilst support may be present in the processor it is often switched off by default in the system BIOS. If you believe that your processor model includes the appropriate support but it does not show up when one of the above commands is executed, reboot your system and enter the system BIOS settings to verify that it is enabled.
== Adding the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Virtualization Channel to the System ==
At this point the only domain that should be listed is domain-0 representing the host environment. When guest operating systems are running, these too will be listed.
It is now time to build a Xen virtual machine to contain a guest operating system.
== Building an RHEL Xen Guest System ==

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