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Red Hat Enterprise Linux eBooks
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<tr><td valign="top">[[File:rhel_8_essentials.png|Click to Read Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Essentials|link=Red Hat Enterprise Linux Essentials]]<td>[[Red Hat Enterprise Linux Essentials|Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Essentials]] Fully updated for RHEL 8, the goal of this book is to teach the skills necessary to install, administer and deploy RHEL 8 systems.<br><br>[[Red Hat Enterprise Linux Essentials|Read this book>>]]</td></tr>
<td valign="top">[[File:RHEL6_Essentials.jpg|Click to Read RHEL 6 Essentials|link=Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Essentials]]<td>RHEL 6 Essentials is intended to provide detailed information on the use and administration of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 distribution. For beginners, the book covers the basics of configuring the desktop environment, resolving screen resolution issues and configuring email and web servers. Installation topics such as network installation and dual booting with Microsoft Windows are covered together with all important security topics such as configuring a firewall, use of the shell environment and user and group administration. For the experienced user, topics such as remote access, logical volume management (LVM), disk partitioning, swap management, KVM virtualization, Secure Shell (SSH) and file sharing using both Samba and NFS are covered in detail to provide a thorough overview of this enterprise class operating system. [[Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Essentials|Read this book>>]]<br><br>

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