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RHEL Remote Desktop Access with VNC

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# firewall-cmd --reload
With the service configured and the appropriate firewall port open, the script enables and then starts the VNC service for display 1. Since changes have been made to the services configuration, the services daemon also needs to be reloaded:
Enter 5901 as the Source port and localhost:5901 as the Destination and click on the ''Add ''button. Finally return to the main screen by clicking on the ''Session'' category. Enter a name for the session in the Saved Sessions text field and press ''Save''. Click on ''Open'' to establish the connection. A terminal window will appear with the login prompt from the remote system. Enter the appropriate user login and password credentials.
The SSH connection is now established. Launch the TightVNC viewer and enter localhost:5901 in the VNC Server text field and click on ''Connect''. The viewer will establish the connection, prompt for the password and then display the desktop. You are now accessing the remote desktop of a Linux system from Windows over a secure SSH tunnel connection.

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