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A Firebase Test Lab Robo Testing Example

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If the app uses Google Authentication it is not necessary to use these fields. Robo test will automatically create a temporary Google account and use it to sign into the app during testing.
An option is also available to specify the resource ID of any other input fields within the user interface together with a value to be entered. This is the option that will be used in this test. When the Database app was designed, the product name EditText widget was assigned an ID of productName which now needs to be referenced along with a product name to be entered during the test execution as illustrated in Figure 43‑6:
The Activity Map screen shows a visual representation of the path taken through the app during testing. Following the arrows on the map it will become clear that Robo test simply clicked on the buttons and selected items as they were added to the list.
To view a video of the test run, select the Videos tab and play back the video. In some cases the text may have been added to the database, while in others the Add button may have been clicked while the text field was empty. Robo testing is not a precision testing tool so this is to be expected. The system is simply trying out multiple combinations of actions in an attempt to make the app crash. A more controlled approach to testing will be performed in the chapter entitled A Firebase Test Lab Instrumentation Testing Example.

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