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The notification_key_name value can be any string value that uniquely identifies the group within the context of the Firebase project. Given that device groups are intended for targeting the devices owned by a single user this is often set to the user’s email address.
== Creating a Device Group using Node.js ==
{ notification_key: 'WPX91bFxpiCMFe5p6JjypsOSgXn2lCVHMrX5Q1d-fjYqFoHMMc-DjE8S97GJiCs0lw0DPGnckSGe_AQhhOViV5MF67Rodb9bNlCPmYt2UUi2-vPmrwncYJs7NqdZE7DyuO3sZ0e_b98c' }
This is the key that will be used to send a message to the device group in the next section of this chapter, so be sure to keep a copy of it.
== Sending a Message to a Device Group ==

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