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A Firebase Realtime Database List Data Tutorial

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Before proceeding, change the ID for the EditText component to itemText and the IDs for the Find and Delete buttons to findButton and deleteButton.
== Performing Initialization Tasks ==
In the second scenario, the app will receive notification that the child has been removed by another instance of the app. In this situation the child will already have been removed from the database, so only the local data arrays need to be updated to remove the data. As currently written, the onChildRemoved() method is designed to handle both of these possibilities.
== Adding Items to the List ==
The above code deselects the currently selected item in the ListView and then uses the selectedPosition variable as an index into the listKeys array. Having identified the key associated with the item to be deleted, that key is used to remove the child node from the database. The remaining steps of the deletion process will be completed by the code in the onChildRemoved() callback method which will be called as a result of the child node being removed from the list.
== Querying the List ==

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