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[[Image:iphone_ios_6_store_purchase_ui.png|The user interface for an example iOS 6 iPhone SKStoreProductViewController example]]
Figure 74-1
== Testing the Application ==
Build and run the application either on a physical iPhone device or using the iOS Simulator. Touch the button and wait until the store kit product view controller appears as illustrated in Figure 74 -2. Note that there may be a short delay while the store kit contacts the iTunes store to request and download the product information.
Touching the Cancel button should trigger the delegate, dismissing the view controller and returning the user to the original view controller screen containing the button.
[[Image:iphone_ios_6_skstoreproductviewcontroller.png|The SKStoreProductViewController view listing an iTunes Album for purchase]]
Figure 74 2
[[Image:iphone_ios_6_skstoreproductview_book.png|The SKStoreProductViewController view listing a book for purchase]]
Figure 74-3

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